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Richard Jones is an unsigned Welsh singer/songwriter based in Bordeaux, France. Richard writes and records his own unique material. He has been writing pop/folk songs since he was 15, and his music is an authentic mirror of his real life:


"I am neither embarrassed nor proud to say that I have, like many, had my ups but sometimes struggled with down times. Luckily it has never been severe, yet it has always been terrifying. As an artist, these experiences have always profoundly shaped everything that I produce. My songs are not so much stories, but abstract flashes - words and sounds - that help me to try to understand the essence of these experiences and move on."


His influences include David Gray, Arcade Fire, REM, Neil Finn, The Do, Radiohead, and Dry the River among others. Richard’s brand-new album is called LUCID. 


Richard produced, recorded and mixed the new album in his house entirely on a tablet!


Richard has been recording and playing live with Isabelle Bidalun since 2010 and has supported many great artists including Noah and the Whale, Chris Bailey, H-Burns, and many more.





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