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All These Lovers

Richard Jones is an independent artist. You can Support him here:

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Critical Acclaim

"Damien Rice meets Radiohead" - When the Horn Blows
"Reminds me of Jeff Buckley" - Give It A Spin
"Authentic and Sincere" - Various Small Flames
"Thom Yorke's haunting quiver" - Obscure Sound
"This is amazing" - Liquid Sounds
“Folk pop with distinctive vocals and a rich instrumentation full of evocative synths and intrincate guitar lines”
“Very unique and quite experimental arrangement… pretty mysterious and edgy vocals… clever, deep and heartwarming.”
- Music Lover
“Great sound, great vocals…really great production and recording.” – Other Songs
“Nice style and love the calm and laidback sound.”
– Indie Folk Central
“Love the lullaby nature of the melody and acoustic base.”
- B-Sides & Badlands
“Fabulous lyrics.” – Popular Music
“The instrumental and vocal work are super genuine and really, I feel like I can FEEL the songs” – Chilltracks
“Nice mellow and ethereal textures.” – EARMILK
...and many, many more!

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