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Thank you so much for visiting my page. 
To celebrate the upcoming release of my brand new critically acclaimed limited edition album LUCID on vinyl (1st pressing - 200 examples - all signed) I am giving away a high quality digital version for free for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY! YES, that's right! Completely FREE of charge! In addition, you will get the chance to be the first to own my brand new album on vinyl before it goes on general sale!!!
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10 Tracks
VERSION: High Resolution WAV
All you have to do is complete the form at the end of this page with your name and email address, and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the full album completely free of charge! (There will be no obligation to buy anything).
But, why am I giving away my music for free?
Well, as an independent artist with no record label or representation, marketing my music falls to me and me only. I would ultimately like to sell my music by creating merchandise related to my music (in this case my brand new limited edition - 1st pressing, 200 examples only - vinyl album for vinyl lovers). And by giving my album to you for free, I am hoping that over time you will listen to my music, fall in love with it, and then decide to invest in me as an artist by owning a very rare vinyl, CD, poster, or anything else that I release.
The brand new Vinyl LP - LUCID
1st Pressing - 200 examples ONLY!
Hmmm...but is your music any good?
Only you can be the judge of that. However, through countless submissions to the very best music publications and blogs, the buzz is starting to get louder. Here is some recent press about my brand new album LUCID:
"Damien Rice meets Radiohead" - When the Horn Blows
"Reminds me of Jeff Buckley" - Give It A Spin
"Authentic and Sincere" - Various Small Flames
"Thom Yorke's haunting quiver" - Obscure Sound
"This is amazing" - Liquid Sounds
“Folk pop with distinctive vocals and a rich instrumentation full of evocative synths and intrincate guitar lines”
“Very unique and quite experimental arrangement… pretty mysterious and edgy vocals… clever, deep and heartwarming.”
- Music Lover
“Great sound, great vocals…really great production and recording.” – Other Songs
“Nice style and love the calm and laidback sound.”
– Indie Folk Central
“Love the lullaby nature of the melody and acoustic base.”
- B-Sides & Badlands
“Fabulous lyrics.” – Popular Music
“The instrumental and vocal work are super genuine and really, I feel like I can FEEL the songs” – Chilltracks
“Nice mellow and ethereal textures.” – EARMILK
...and many, many more!
So that's it! I produce, record, and market my own music. The only outsourcing I do is the mastering of my songs. This ensures that the sound is truly professional, and all of my vinyl is mastered to the highest specs and mastered ESPECIALLY FOR VINYL. (CD's are already on general sale in my store, and are mastered to the highest quality).
Initially, my brand new vinyl will ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO DOWNLOAD THE FREE SONGS. You will get the 1st chance to own this extremely rare and beautiful product.
To get your FREE album, just fill in the form below and you will be instantly redirected to download your tracks! (Again, YOU WILL NOT BE OBLIGED TO BUY ANYTHING). Simply listen to the music at your leisure, and buy the vinyl (or CD) if you are sure that the album is awesome! 
You will have to be fairly quick though, as the 200 will sell out quickly!
Enjoy your download!
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